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Default Buttons

Here are some examples of the default Button Colors.

Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger
{button title="" link="#"}Default{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-primary"}Primary{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-success"}Success{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-info"}Info{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-warning"}Warning{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-danger"}Danger{/button}

Bordered Buttons

Here are some examples of the default Button Colors.

Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#"}Default{/button}
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#" color="btn-primary"}Primary{/button}
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#" color="btn-success"}Success{/button}
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#" color="btn-info"}Info{/button}
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#" color="btn-warning"}Warning{/button}
{button title="" style="btn-border" link="#" color="btn-danger"}Danger{/button}

Buttons with Icons

Here are some examples of the default Buttons in combination with Icons.

Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger
{button title="" link="#"}Default {icon name="fa-heart"}{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-primary"}{icon name="fa-archive"} Primary{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-success"}{icon name="fa-cloud-download"} Success{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-info"}Info {icon name="fa-gift"}{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-warning"}{icon name="fa-leaf"} Warning{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-danger"}{icon name="fa-quote-left"} Danger{/button}

Buttons with different Sizes

Here are some examples of the default Button sizes.

Very Small Small Medium Large Very Small Small Medium Large
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-info" size="btn-xs"}Very Small{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-danger" size="btn-sm"}Small{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-warning" size="btn-md"}Medium{/button}
{button title="" link="#" color="btn-default" size="btn-lg"}Large{/button}

Special Buttons

Here are some examples of the Buttons in combination with some special effects or other Shortcodes.

Image Tooltip YouTube Link in new Window Google Map More then 13053 Fans
{button link="image.jpg" color="btn-primary" lightbox="on"}Image{/button}
{button link="#" color="btn-success" title="I have a Tooltip" class="tooltip-on"}Tooltip{/button}
{button link="" color="btn-info" lightbox="on"}YouTube{/button}
{button link="" color="btn-warning" target="_blank"}Link in new Window{/button}
{button link="" color="btn-danger" lightbox="on"}Google Map{/button}

{button link="#" color="btn-default"}{icon name="fa-thumbs-up fa-margin-right color-theme"}More then {counter value="13053" color="color-theme"} Fans{/button}
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